Cinda’s Progressive Priorities: Transparency, Accountability, & Accessibility

  • Proactively informing residents on local issues, encouraging community participation in the decision-making process, and establishing neighborhood liaisons

  • Committed to addressing local issues including flooding, affordable housing, street clean-ups, road and sidewalk repairs, and ensuring local labor unions for city projects

  • Always returning your call and responding to every inquiry in a timely manner, because Cinda will be a Councilor who works for you


It is imperative that we all can afford to live in our homes, and that residents are not heavily burdened with the challenges we are facing as a city. I will fight for transparency around the use and purpose of our property taxes to ensure they are benefiting our community. I will continue to advocate for inclusionary zoning reforms so that Lynn remains a livable city for everyone.


Our public infrastructure needs immediate attention to combat climate change and encourage a sustainable community. It is essential our streets, parks and neighborhoods are clean. Utilizing my experience in state government and through collaboration we can address issues ranging from repairing roads and sidewalks to flood mitigation and recycling programs.

Equitable Economic Development:

Lynn has always been a home to strong working class families and business owners. As your City Councilor, I will work to bring new economic development and employment opportunities to the city. As we move forward it is vital that all of our voices are a part of the conversation. I will collaborate with our community to elevate neighborhood leaders/associations that will work directly with the City Council and developers to ensure our communities interests are centered.


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